Generalist with a lot of development experience.


Developer/Tech Lead @ FINTRAC

Lead the technical architecture and development of an Analytical Search project for financial transaction reports.

Lead the development and present solutions to our business clients.

Technologies Used

  • Eclipse RCP, Java, j2ee and Spring, Hibernate
  • Oracle, Ant, SVN
  • Maven, Jenkins, Jira

Founder @

A first-hand experience that sparked an idea. I am now in the process of turning this into a business.

View the live site -

Technologies Used

  • Rackspace, AWS EC2, S3, CDN, Git
  • MySql, Apache, Tomcat
  • Java, Spring MVC, Wordpress, PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Paypal, Google charting
LookInside Admin

Admin Console

A screenshot showing part of the admin console where a user can update a sign.



Another view of the admin console where a user can view reports on a sign.


Custom e-commerce web site

Developed and maintained a complete e-commerce web site for a local jewellery designer.

Built features to support discount codes, shopping cart, unique-item inventory, recommendations, payment processing integration, admin console.

Created several versions over the years.

Technologies Used

  • LAMP stack, Wordpress, SVN, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • MailChimp, PayPal, Facebook, Pinterest
BlushBeads Site

Product Listing

A screenshot showing a product listing page concept for v3.

BlushBeads Site

Home Page

A screenshot showing the home page of v2 of the site.

BlushBeads Site

Product Details

A screenshot showing a product details page concept for v3.

Android apps

Experimented with development on the Android platform.

Created a super simple mileage tracker to learn the platform.

Built (incomplete) a secure messaging app to experiment with for push notification and complete back-end system.

Technologies Used

  • Parse, Java, Android, Eclipse ADT

Web applications

Developed various web apps to experiment with new technologies.

Created a bookmarklet that allowed the tracking of a product price with notifications if and tracked product prices ever changed. The purpose was for experimenting with MongoDB and Node.js

Started creating a checklist app for Evernote to experiment with Angular.js and PhoneGap

Technologies Used

  • Angular.js, PhoneGap, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Node.js, MongoDB
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Bookmarklets, Evernote SDK


Consultant @ Accenture

Began as an Analyst and was quickly promoted to Consultant within the Complex Solutions Architecture group.

Worked with a variety of clients including Invensys Process Systems, GE, 3M, Sun Microsystems, XM Satellite Radio, InQuira

Wore many hats - from gathering requirements to presenting ideas to VPs to developing custom solutions

Used a lot of Java for Web Services, SOA, some unix shell scripting and lots of service integration

Technologies Used

  • Java, j2ee, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP
  • Ant, SVN, SQL Server, Oracle

Independent Consultant @ Various companies

Integrating IM and Intelligent Search products into existing Fortune 500 client systems.

Working with Nortel, Avaya and SIPfoundry to apply the look & feel to the sipXecs web application (both open source and commercial versions).

Developed a mobile friendly web app under contract with SoshalGroup to create and manage various campaigns involving participants to scan qr codes to earn points.

Built a web app to allow users to compare credit card processing fees for a startup.

Technologies Used

  • Eclipse, Java, j2ee, Spring MVC, Hibernate
  • Maven, Jenkins, Ant, SVN
  • Html, CSS, JavaScript
  • Rackspace, Tomcat, MySQL

Developer @ Various internships

Wrote Java code to support RMI and serial communication with external hardware following a client-server model

Designed user interfaces using Java Swing and the NetBeans IDE to control various video devices

Customer problem replication and resolution for Network Management product using network monitoring and packet sniffing tools

Developed a test plan repository web app in PHP and MySql

Converted ColdFusion web apps to ASP

Worked on internal and external web sites and applications

Developed automated web tools and scripts using Perl

Technologies Used

  • Eclipse, Java, Swing
  • Bugzilla, Ant, SVN, CVS
  • Perl, ASP, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, Unix Shell Scripting
  • NetBeans


Computer Science @ Carleton University

B.C.S with Minor in Business


  • Graduated with highest honours
  • Took the Management and Business Systems stream
  • Work placements through the Co-operative Education program
  • Earned scholarships throughout the years




Love playing. I'm on a pitch once a week year round.



For the past few years I've been playing in the summer and fall.



I help a few local artists with turntable effects for their music. I'll add links as they get officially released.



Nothing beats checking out new places, food, culture, architecture and of course, beaches.

Home Renovations

Home Renovations

I like getting hands-on with renovations. I can always find something to fix or improve.



Being out on the water in the summer is awesome even though 50% of the time is probably spent fixing my craft.



When I can find the time, I'll sometimes tinker with arduinos.



I love building stuff. Word clock, printed and canvas art, modded furniture, pallet-wood frames, and so on.. some of it atually turns out!

Skateboarding Video

A super short clip of a skateboarding session with a buddy.

Soccer Video

Spoiler - goooaaal!

Skydiving Video

Considering I'm not crazy about heights...


Random Info

I'm trustworthy enough to have a Top Secret security clearance

Fluent in English and Portuguese and can get by in French

I volunteer as the Logistics co-chair for the Relay for Life charity event in Orleans

Dual-citizen - I'm allowed to work anywhere in the EU

I used to skateboard all the time.. I still follow it a bit and occasionaly hit the park

Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Beach Volleyball and tinkering with electronics are other things I like to do

I'm a real estate investor/property manager and there are very few home renos that I haven't done or helped with at some point in time